Have I Become An Enemy To A Better Me?

A week ago I was admitted to the ER in the Community Hospital downtown of Fresno, where my husband and I reside at present with our parents (in-law). Thinking that it was a small health issue, I could be released that early morning, on the 27th June 2010 after midnight. Well, it turned out to be a more serious one than I’ve initially thought and imagined to be. It turned out to be an infected gall bladder and I had gall stones and coupled with a urinary infection.

My symptoms were:

1.  A persistent chest tightness that wouldn’t go away no matter what I’ve tried. Few weeks ago, I had the same episode before and my mother-in-law gave me a cup of hot tea to drink and that solved my problem.  Since then, I had about 2 more times with the same problem and hot tea was the solution for it. However, this final episode was not going to be that easy for me. On the 27th June 2010, somewhere about 10:00 in the night, I was experiencing a chest tightness that no matter what I did, it just wouldn’t go away.  Then I experienced another symptom..

2. Dizziness came to me. I was feeling so dizzy that night. No matter how I tried to relief it, lying on my side, sitting upright, lying flat on the sofa, nothing worked.  I was struggling to shake my dizziness off.

3. I was experiencing shortness of breath.  It was hard for me because I was healthy most of my life until that night. Having experienced that, that night, I knew deep down something was really wrong with me. I needed medical assistance.. and so when my mother-in-law suggested ER that early morning 28th June, I had to take it. So, we went to the ER and from there, we learned from the doctors, that my problem wasn’t as simple as expected.

My diagnosis:

After the nurse put me on an IV, and an X-Ray, a EKG, some blood tests, urine tests, Ultrasounds.. more blood tests, I was finally diagnosed as having an infected gall bladder with the finding of some gall stones as well as a urinary infection. A surgery is expected to remove my infected gall bladder, and gall stones. They treated my urinary infection with antibiotics and that seemed to work. The name of the surgery was called Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy. The doctor told my husband that it was the right decision to remove the gall bladder because “my gall bladder looked ‘angry’ and needed to come out”.

The healing process after surgery:

The first week was hard for me as I was experiencing pain. But, in this process, I realized my threshold of pain was much higher than I initially thought. The medication that was given to me was making me drowsy and uncomfortable. In about 2-3 doses of it, I decided to endure the gain than take the medication.  I would wake up with pain in the mornings.. some days were  better than others.

I took a shower after the second day of the surgery.  My bandages were wet after the shower. I decided to ask my mother-in-law to check on them and she decided to change and get new bandages on my 4 small incisions. That was a good move since I found blood draining from the old blood stains while showering.

Into the second week of my healing after the surgery, I requested that my husband bought me new bandages so I can continue covering up my incisions after taking a shower. Well, this is where I believe my over protectiveness actually would hinder my recovering process. I am learning to be thankful to my husband’s insisting on googling what’s the best wound care treatment after such surgery. And calling the nurse to inquire about it. Leaving the wound uncovered is actually a better way to healing and recovery process in my case. I’m learning more each day as I go about taking care of myself  after the surgery. I’ve learned that sometimes over protecting isn’t always good, and the right way to go. In fact, it can become an hinderance to healing and a better me.


How often have we thought about this? There are things we do that we honestly think are good, would in fact  turn out harmful or a hinderance to making us a better  wholesome person. In our insecurity we tried to help God do His work in us. Have it happen to you? As for me, many times! Let us, let go of our insecurity and let God do His mighty work on us, in His perfect time.  Therefore, do not become an enemy to a better you, let God have His way in you today.  Have a blessed day, everyone!



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