A New Chapter

In the beginning of 2015, circumstance had forced me to resume my writing again. Not that it’s bad to write again, I was too busy being a new  mom and was loving it. Dan and I welcomed our only son David Joshua Jun Jie Dick on the 29th August 2012. Of course before David arrived, we were busy taking care his big sister, Michelle Inez Dick.//

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2014 was a difficult year for Dan and I especially Dan. His mom passed away on May 15. The love of a mother is dearly missed when she passed on. She is one awesome example of a mom who loves without any conditions. It was hard for me to let her go in her final moment as well. But, the desire to want to see her free from all pain and discomfort, gave me the peace in the end. Losing someone we dearly loved was never an easy experience. Dan thought he would never recover from the loss of his beloved mom, by God grace he tried. Yet, right before the year ended, he was dismissed from his work. For a reason I never thought it was justified because he did try really hard to hold it in, but wasn’t good enough. Employees in a workplace should be given room to express their emotions without the fear that they could be fired. Our expressions even frustration is a natural part of us as long as it is expressed without causing harm to any one. His suggestions were never taken seriously into consideration. Once you break the rule, you break the rule! Man make that rule. Man will break that rule! Has any one ever heard of that expression? From this post, you’ve probably think I’m a rule breaker, right?

Within last year, Dan had to face 2 huge losses, his mom and his work. Can any one truly identify and understand what that feels like? Can this circumstance in life break even the toughest? Is it reasonable to expect that? The first week of 2015 has been hard on us all. We have to find within what’s left to keep ourselves going. There’s not much emotionally left to take on, is there? But, like he said: ” I’m hanging in there.” Sometimes when life is tough, the tough stands out. The test will bring out the best in those who are tough and have a reason to hold on even when it seems there is none.  I would like to encourage those who are going through a tough year ahead with this:

Even when it seems like you’ve reached your lowest point, as long as you still have support and love, recovery is around the corner. The God of Hope is our anchor!  — Eileen Dick

I have to admit that being a new mom is not an easy journey as well but I would not exchange this experience for anything else. Tough year or not, God will see us through it all. As I resume my writing again this year, I hope they will bring blessings to you and your loved ones.

Truly from our family to yours,


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