In God’s Vindication Comes Hope

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In Our Lowest Pit Of Life Comes Vindication And Hope

My husband, Dan received a call from EPIC today informing him that because of what he had suggested (and literally fought hard for it) and the feedback from many others, they have taken action to make a major change in their new policy. Initially, in their new policy, EPIC put a limitation of 5 times condition to students who are training for this major certification. If a student fails in the 5 attempts, then he/she would not be qualified to ever take that certification in EPIC again. That policy to me was rather harsh on EPIC to administer. Dan was only one paper away from being certified and one point away from passing this paper. And yet, it costed him his job when he tried to address this issue with his management in his workplace.

However, today, God vindicated on our behalf. EPIC has decided to remove the 5 times limitation in their new policy. A lady from EPIC called to inform him of the new change. We were so excited to receive this news!! It means many others do not have to go through what Dan did. It means Dan can finally pursue to complete this certification if he chooses to do so. It means hope..

I personally believe that prayers from many in our Fresno City Blessing Church had made a difference in our case. For them, I would like to say “Thank you!” Your prayers matter!! In my personal prayers, many times, I asked God to vindicate and bring justice and to me it’s important because in this case, only God can act and when He does, no one can come in between it. If God is for you, no one can come against you unless God allows it for His specific reasons. The call Dan received today was an answered prayer! Thank You Father God.

Where Is This Leading Us?

Where is this leading us, I’ve yet to know. Management can reinstate Dan’s job if it chooses to do what is right. If this was the sole reason for firing him, it would not stand right any more. In fact, I believe today that what management of CMC could not do in support of their staffs, Dan did it. It’s a fact. Personally, I have nothing against the management. It was just a decision that I believe they should have investigated further before they decided to fire Dan.

On the other hand, God may have a bigger plan in store for us that we may not imagine possible. One thing I do know.. God has His hands on this. We really have to be still and believe and trust in His bigger picture.

The Bible says in Isaiah 55:9

“As the heavens are higher than the earth,  so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.”

One thing that taught me through this is to believe and live by your conviction. When you believe what you’re doing is right and truly right, you need to make a stand if even it costs you profound pain, do it. God will be your vindication and He will bring forth new hope and greater provision. Please continue to pray for us that through God’s wisdom, we will know His Will and plan.

Blessings from ours to yours,


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